Rethinking Future Living


This research is part of the MSc graduation project ‘A Blueprint for Action‘. The aim was to develop a new way of living that actively tackles the challenges presented by the ongoing urbanization of our cities, through answering the research question: How can we create a way of living that maximizes both density and quality of life?

The research showed that the notion of density consists of a set of interrelated variables which are heavily reliant on each other for their assessment, significance and usefulness. The notion of quality of life is used not only to refer to several physical characteristics, but also to describe the relationships and dynamics among those physical characteristics, making the concept complex and interwoven. Casestudies were assessed according to the parameters of maximum density (volume, efficiency and effort) and maximum subjective quality of life (identity, range and speed). The design principles for a way of living that maximizes both density and quality of life were identified by comparing the assessment of the case studies with the implemented design elements.

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Year: 2021
Project type: MSc Graduation Project