A Blueprint for Action


The MSc graduation project ‘Rethinking Future Living; A Blueprint for Action’ presents a blueprint for a new way of life that maximizes the density of a city while creating the highest quality of life for it’s citizens (see research). A new way of life with the smallest carbon footprint possible; that improves mental health; that is affordable for all; and that offers ultimate freedom. By envisioning the world as a network of interconnected communities, the inhabitants are encouraged to travel around the world and to explore the beauty of our planet. In order to realize these communities, A Blueprint for Action proposes both a timetable and a toolkit – the latter consisting of dwellings, shared facilities and elements for self-sufficiency.

See the full project on the TU Delft repository.

Year: 2021
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Size: 2950 m2
Project type: MSc Graduation Project
Status: Concept